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YUDAH Hemp CBD Planting is complete 2019

2019 CBD planting for YUDAH CBD

By Chad Fleischer - June 6, 2019

We have officially planted all of our fields for the 2019 season and it is going to be an amazing growing season! Pictured here is our new 30 row JD planter which allows us to plug in a lot of seed and get a lot done while the weather windows are optimal. Mother nature is now in command of the battle ship to germinate and help these plants become the big beautiful high yielding hemp CBD plants we grow on our farms.

I will include some drone footage soon of our work.
These plants will not have hebicides or pesticides applied to them and you may be suprised to know that we introduce very large volumes of predator bugs to do our work for us. Ladybugs are one of the single best predator bugs and by releasing them by the tens of thousands we can naturally keep our hemp plants healthy.

We are strong believers in being great stewards of the land we grow on and the environment we live in. At Yudah we don't take shortcuts and can ensure what is in our fields can go into our bodies without any harmful herbicides, pesticides or heavy metals.
Greatness and goodness doesn't come cheap or easy but the results are in our products and thats why YUDAH CBD is the world's most superior hemp derived CBD oil on the market.
Talk soon. 

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