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Looking Ahead to Planting season


By Chad Fleischer - April 18, 2019

Went for a hike with my man Bowie and was thinking about all that lies ahead in short order for the planting of our 2019 crops.
There is a lot of snow on the ground, a lot more than there has been in a while, and this is great news for farming water.
Last year was the hottest on record for a summer in the Denver area, our farm is just north of Denver.  We have amazing water from a deep cold aquifer but when you experience a summer like last year you never know if the well is just going to run dry.
Our high CBD hemp plants require very little water compared to your typical agricultural crops like corn, lettuce, soybeans, etc.
We make sure a heavily planted cover crop is seeded in the fall so when spring arrives we are able to choke out the weeds and enrich the nitrogen in the soil.  Hemp plants love nitrogen early in the growth phase so it’s important to use Mother Nature for our organic plants to reach their potential.
we do not spray for weeds or use chemicals of any kind so how do you make sure the fields are prepped?
Seed a great cover crop, use a grain drill to go directly into the soil without tilling or plowing, install irrigation and we r off.
My grandfathers company was a pioneer in the no till farming method and their patents and technological advances has gotten farming where it is today.  
Our high CBD hemp plants are grown in a way that ensures we are great stewards for the environment and for the industry.  Striving for the highest standards for our farming methods and the the quality of our product is what is most important because in the end the practices find their way in the end users body for health purposes.  
There are many CBD companies out there buying product from farmers who use pesticides, herbicides and water plants from ditches and ponds where all these materials run off and collect en mass.  Other companies buy product from China and Europe where they are loaded with heavy metals because hemp
plants are known for one beautiful thing aside from all else- purging soil of its contaminants.  That’s right, the hemp
plant is the king of sucking everything in the soil out of it, purging it and all of it goes into the plant material.  China has some of the most polluted soil on the planet and that’s why they grow more hemp than anyone.  
I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your source for your CBD products.  Where are they growing, how are they growing and who and where is it being manufactured?
if you don’t know this you need to start doing your homework to buy the best quality and safest product out there.
just like all businesses and their products there is good and bad, healthy and unhealthy.  At YUDAH we grow, harvest, dry, formulate and manufacture/produce our products.  It is truly farm to table and it is all organic hemp CBD oil.
we believe in making a difference and I hope you know you can trust our organic CBD products for you, your family and friends and pets.
chad Fleischer
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