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Bret Saberhagen

Three-time All-Star
Two-time Cy Young Award winner
and a Gold Glove Award winner

"This is a terrific product, great job Yudah."

Daron Rahlves

4 Time Winter Olympic Alpine Ski Racer
World Champion and Most Decorated Down Hill Ski Racer in US History
2003 Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria: 1st place in Downhill
Olympics standings - Alpine 3 (1998 ,2002, 2006) Freestyle 1 (2010)
12 World Cup Victories
7 U.S. National Champions Titles

"As a professional athlete, businessman, husband, and father.  Chad and Steve have produced a great product that I enjoy using daily...Thanks guys for all the hard work and dedication to a great product.  Thank you! DR"

Scott Erickson

World Series Champion 1991
MLB All Star, AL Wins Leader(91)
Pitched a no-hitter on April 27, 1994

"YUDAH is a game-changer.  I Can't imagine not having it daily now that I have been using your CBD Yudah product.  Keep up the awesome work!"

Mike Golic

Former co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike
Current co-host of Golic and Wingo
Former NFL defensive lineman

"I tried the Yudah CBD tinctures and it has been fantastic.  I had no idea how beneficial the Yudah CBD could be for me and my wife loves the CBD bath bombs. We really appreciate all the hard work you have put into your product line. Thanks Mike"

Wendy Fisher

Olympian and Free Skier
Crested Butte Mountain Resort Ambassador

" Committing to Yudah at night has been a game-changer. "

Criag Thrasher

10 Year Us Ski Team Member

"After 13 knee surgeries, from 10 years on the US ski team, I was on the brink of knee replacement surgery. For me, YUDAH has been absolutely amazing. After one bottle of 2000 mg.,I found myself scampering down some bleachers! My buddies and I were amazed. I said I haven't done that in 20 years…  Hope you give it a try."

Abie F.


" I am 69 years old and not a believer in having surgery and after much reading and research, I was introduced to CBD oil. I began a process of physical therapy and CBD oil. I used two tinctures of Yudah CBD, one in the morning and one just before bed at the 2000ml dosage.

 I continue to use the CBD Yudah daily.  "

JW Fischer


"I was diagnosed with health issues beginning of 2018. Highly recommended! I will continue using CBD Yudah. Chad, thanks again for all that you have done for me."

Mike P.


"In the past 6 months we have been using Yudah CBD, We love it."

Alex L.


"The Yudah CBD tincture has been doing wonders for me!"

Clayton W.


"By far the best CBD product I have used. I've tried CBD products in the past with mixed success, but Yudah blew away the other CBD products.  Yudah was recommended to me and it's a terrific product and great customer service."