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Steve Croke

Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Croke is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, started and sold 3 successful companies in the last 20 years. A proven leader and visionary entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in both healthcare and legal space. Mr. Croke also co-patented a child-resistant container; Patent holder # 5,938,055.

S & C Lab Corp is his latest venture the parent company to the Yudah, Jauxx and Besty. This successful entry to the CBD hemp market produced prosperous yielding farms and extraction facilities in both Colorado and Wisconsin. S & C Lab Corp is vertically integrated involved in cultivation, farm services, consulting, extraction, processing and branding products exclusively for industrial hemp for medical cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC).

Steve’s success has come from identifying industry pain points and leveraging for scaling business models for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions in the healthcare and technology space.

Steve has a reputation for innovation through technology across multiple verticals and leading teams to industry domination in competitive landscapes. He is a CEO and operator with vision, who carves a path by producing immediate and long-term revenue growth. Along with acquiring high level customers and partnerships with fortune 100 corporations: Wal*Mart, CVS, Kroger, United Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Amerisource Bergen, McKesson and Walgreens.

Chad Fleischer

Co-Founder & President

Chad Fleischer grew up in Nebraska and comes from family of pharmacists who became known for their farm equipment.  Buffalo Farm Equipment got its start with Cushion Ride, a spring-loaded tractor seat, then foam injected molded tractor seats and the innovations never stopped.  From leading the charge in soil conservation to no till farming he comes from a family company that has helped shape American farming as we know it with its line-up of Planters, tillers, cultivators, and shredders.
It was a surprise when a 12-year-old kid from Nebraska went on to become an American alpine skiing star who competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics and 1998 Winter Olympics. Chad Fleischer is a ten-year veteran of the Men's US Alpine Ski Team, Two Time National DH skiing Champion, named to Five World Championship Teams and Three Olympics Teams.

He was inducted into the CO Ski Hall of Fame in 2013.  After retiring from ski racing Chad had a 10-year television career working for OLN, VS, NBC, ESPN and Fox Sports. Chad is also a motivational speaker and some clients include: Ernst & Young, USG, Wells Fargo, Chevrolet, Sprint, Visa, Pepsi, Brown-Foreman, TAG Heuer, and Vail Resorts.

Chad’s specialty is in irrigation, soil preparation and plot lay outs as it relates to the S & C Lab Corp CBD farms. Since growing up around large-scale farms he is focused on bringing automation to the planting and harvesting of our crops. 
His attention to detail and executing a plan has always been what has separated him from the pack regarding business, farming and the Olympics.

Teddy Agnew

Head of farm services

Teddy Agnew was born and raised on a dairy farm in Fall River, Wisconsin. He is part of the 3rd generation to work and live off the rich soil of the family farm. As many farms fail, Paradise Point farms continued to thrive over years of unpredictable markets and weather catastrophe. His farm grows CBD Hemp, corn and soybeans.  This growth can be attributed to the sound farm practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Teddy’s experience farming from a young age on has provided him with a skill set that transfers to all types of agriculture. His knowledge has continued to evolve throughout his career as a farmer, most recently in the industrial hemp sector. Heavy equipment operations, indoor growing techniques, and following hemp market trends are all party of daily life. 

Teddy’s knowledge of farm equipment, irrigation, and plants has led to a successful season for S&C lab Corp in both Colorado and Wisconsin. 

Josh Ladwig

Director of Plant Sciences

Josh Ladwig has a diverse background in biosciences, chemistry, oil & gas engineering, and agriculture. In addition, and perhaps most poignantly, Josh has been involved with the Cannabis industry, whether clandestinely, medically, or industrially for 18 years, providing a unique yet ultimately unmatched skillset for the CBD Cannabis industry. 

His science background began with undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the field biochemistry. While fulfilling his academic achievements, Josh was employed by the USDA’s Malt and Barley Laboratories where his research team investigated pathogen vectors and the development of Fusarium resistant barley via genetic screening and manipulation. 

Upon relocation to the Mountain West, Josh took a position in an environmental chemistry laboratory in Colorado as a lead QA/QC analyst. This tenure led to a subsequent career in production engineering as a field supervisor in the Johna and Pinedale Anticline gas fields of Western Wyoming.  

After choosing to add to his academic accomplishments with an additional degree at the University of Wyoming in the field of Botany, graduating magna cum laud, he participated in departmental research involving climate change impacts.  Specifically, drought effects on plant physiology and its potential impacts on agriculture and native plant ecosystems.  In 2014 he returned to his native state of Wisconsin to become involved in sustainable agriculture and land management. 

In addition to a more traditional career path, Josh has had continuous involvement in Cannabis research, agriculture, extraction, and post processing chemical modification. Since 1998, Josh has used his knowledge and experience to diligently disseminate a factual, science-based vision to popular culture and those directly involved in Cannabis agriculture and associated industries.