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Yudah - CBD Tinctures

Yudah wellness products are derived from our carefully and organically grown and selected hemp plants on our licensed farm.

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CBD Bathbombs

Yudah CBD Bath Bombs are great for relaxing and soothing aching muscles with specially formulated full spectrum CBD.

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BESTY - CBD Pet Tinctures

 Pet CBD Tinctures with bacon from all natural ingredients that your pet will love!

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About Yudah CBD

We are the premiere CBD sales center website where you will find the very best CBD products in the marketplace. All products featured on this site are our own product lines grown at our licensed farm and made with our organically grown hemp plants.

Our brand names YUDAH, JAUXX and BESTY are our line up that come from our farm. This farm to table approach is not only unique it is better and of the highest quality. We grow, harvest, cure, extract and formulate every product we offer and we are the largest vertically integrated hemp company in the United States.

No outsourced material is found in our product lines which means we can guarantee our product will never contain pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or any chemicals of any kind.

We water our plants from a deep aquafer!

This means cool, pure natural drinking water is what our plants absorb and use to energize and grow. The best genetics, the best water and soil thus delivering the cleanest and purest product in the marketplace.
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